More Rain, More Crashes, More Family

Think we’ll get wet? Heading home from the Sunday Giro Ride The summer rain just keeps coming and it’s just impossible to predict. Last Friday around noon I got an email from Chris Harvey saying that they wanted to try again to trim the oak trees that are growing over my house. This was both good and bad. We’d tried to do this on Wednesday, but by the time I got home a big rainstorm was about to hit and they decided to postpone since of course you don’t want to be up in a tree thirty feet off t Continue reading

Cracks and Crashes

The nicely lighted streetcar barn was a convenient place to fix my flat tire   It turned out to be a complicated week for training. I hadn’t been planning anything out of the ordinary – just the usual weekday morning routine. On Monday morning I did a nice solo ride on the levee as usual, with plans for a faster ride on Tuesday. I didn’t go in to work on Monday because the air-conditioner had stopped working and I had to wait for the repair guys to show up. Fortunately, we keep a couple of win Continue reading

The Sprint

Great weather and a good group for the July 4th Holiday Giro Ride With most people off from work for July 4th, there was the usual Holiday Giro Ride last Tuesday. Initiated by a single email with a subject line of “Giro Tues” and a message reading simply “7 AM from Starbucks,” the large accumulation of riders rolled out promptly just two days after what had been, at least for me, another weekend of back-to-back Giro Rides. With summer fully upon us down here in New Orleans, it promised to be a Continue reading

Summer Doldrums

A room with a view It was another weekend of back-to-back Giro Rides, and there was no doubt that summer was upon us. As often happens when it starts getting hot and miserable, I was feeling fine and spent more than usual in the wind, which isn’t actually saying much. Saturday’s Giro was kind of a series of flat tires – not mine. I turned back to help for the first one, along with a few others, as the rest of the group kept rolling. We made a really fast tire change and I was kind of looking fo Continue reading

Giro and Genes

The Saturday Giro offered up a little surprise last week in the form of a random rain shower. I’d ridden out to Starbucks as usual, this time under particularly hazy skies and with a truly awesome humidity level. As the first riders started to filter in, one of them said that it was pouring rain out at the lakefront, barely half a mile away. I was rather surprised, but soon realized that the thick haze had been hiding the big black clouds off to the northwest. Looking at the radar, we had a goo Continue reading

Making the Best of It

Wet asphalt, worms and solitude on the levee this morning It was a dark and stormy night.  Really.  It was.  What it wasn’t, however, was the kind of life-threatening storm that the media had been hyping. Basically, there was a lot of intermittent rain and a fair amount of wind, but it was, in a way, disappointing. The power flickered once and that was about it. Still, the forecast was for nothing but rain and I saw no reason to doubt that part was accurate, so when the alarm went off at fiv Continue reading

An Early Start

Here we go again….. It looks like the hurricane season is off to an early start around here. The threat of a tropical storm — wait, I mean tropical “cyclone” as they are now calling them — kept me off the bike this morning. That turned out to have been way overly cautious, though. Although the streets were wet at 5:30 am, there was never much rain. I could have easily gotten in a couple of hours on the levee without getting all that wet, especially if I’d taken the rain bike. I ended up dri Continue reading