Crunch Week

It never fails. The week before the Tour de La, or for that matter almost any other major weekend operation, something unexpected pops up to throw a monkey wrench into the works. It looks like this year will be no different. On the plus side, the weather forecast doesn’t look disastrous, which sometimes happens. On the minus side, there are a lot of loose ends this year and I’m expecting a ton of things are going to have to happen between now and Friday. We’re trying to slightly scale back some Continue reading

Flat Tire Weather

Scattered Giro riders waiting on the first flat of the day. It’s around 10 pm on Saturday and outside it’s raining – again. I’ve been pretty lucky this week, having somehow avoided being caught in any heavy rain, but it’s been impossible to avoid riding on wet roads. Twice this week I did my morning rides on the Rain Bike, and one day I had to skip riding altogether. On Wednesday evening a few of the NOBC officers got together over at Lakeview Brew to go over some things for the upcoming 46th A Continue reading

No-Man’s Land

no-man’s-land: noun [ C usually sing ] /’no? ?manz ?land/  Disputed ground between the front lines or trenches of two opposing armies. The really old geezers from the master’s race Ten miles into Sunday’s 60 mile road race I lifted my head and looked up the road. Nothing. I looked behind me for the main pack.  Also nothing. Ahead, one of the motorefs had stopped on the shoulder. As I passed he shouted, “Two minutes to the break, two minutes to the field.”  Ahh, I thought, the very definitio Continue reading

A Little Rest

Old Man River is a little high lately. After skipping Monday’s ride, I was ready to get back to the routine Tuesday morning. The souvenir bedbug bites I’d picked up in Brookhaven were still bothering me and my right eyelid was pretty puffy from one of them, but otherwise I was good to go. That carried over to Wednesday, which was perhaps unfortunate. Wednesday morning it was windy hell, which made the WeMoRi ride harder than usual, even for me who gets there after they’ve already ridden seven m Continue reading

Bugged Out in Brookhaven

Coming over the top of the climb in my usual spot – probably the hot spot lap The weather forecast was looking pretty dismal on Friday afternoon when I hit the road for Brookhaven, MS and the resurrected Mississippi Gran Prix stage race. Just in case the 50-90% chances of rain weren’t enough disincentive, there were other complications. Candy had a conference in California, so I’d need to find someone to keep the dog alive until Monday. On the plus side, Christian had already reserved a room so Continue reading

A Ride with Hector

I was reminded this morning that I’d never logged anything here about our ride with Hector Picard last week. I was surprised, but I guess with everything that was happening I never got past posting some photos to Facebook. So it was a few weeks ago that I got an email, or Facebook message, or text, or something (it was all so much simpler when there were just phone calls and emails) from Hector. He was doing a tour (Tour to Inspire) of Continue reading

Hormones and Hospitals and Bullets

Beautiful weather for the Sunday Giro      Early Thursday afternoon I unexpectedly found myself on the way to Ochsner hospital with The Daughter. She had been to the doctor earlier in the day, trying to figure out why she had been feeling so bad for the past few months. A few hours later the doctor called and said, essentially, you need to drop everything and get to the emergency room immediately. Not really what you want to hear. It actually happened to me once when I had mononucleosis and Continue reading