Back in the Pack

Riding weather doesn’t get much better than what we had on Saturday.      After nearly three weeks of gradually increasing (some might use the term “sputtering”) intensity, interspersed with long periods of overly cautious wheel-sucking, I finally started to feel like I was more or less back to normal last weekend. Although it was painfully obvious that the fitness is still lagging pretty far behind, and there’s still some dull pain around the collarbone, Saturday’s Giro was the first time I Continue reading

Incremental Improvement and the Disc Brake

VJ always has the latest stuff! By last Monday I felt about ready to start trying to get back in shape, and that feeling was reinforced the following day when Dr. Savoie told me I was clear to resume my normal activities. Of course I’d resumed normal activities a long time ago but was still holding back a bit, well OK, a lot, on the intensity. I mean, what better excuse than a broken bone, right? Well, anyway, it was time. So I’ve been trying to slowly, incrementally, Continue reading

Still on the Sidelines

NOBC Cat. 4 Riders ready to race. The forecast for Saturday wasn’t looking all that good and I was scheduled to officiate at the Vuelta d’ Acadiana criterium over in Lafayette later that day. In New Orleans, however, the weather was pretty great, so I went out to meet the Giro Ride crowd even though I knew I wouldn’t have time to do the whole ride. Turnout there was a little low, probably because some riders were racing in Lafayette that weekend and a few others, the Tulane riders, were racing Continue reading

Before Dawn

Some years ago, and I mean to say many, many years ago, back when I thought I had some control over things, I would never have predicted that I would ever, under any circumstances, be getting up routinely at 5:15 am in order to go ride my bike in the dark. Just goes to show you, I guess. I’ve been getting up before dawn to ride for so long now that I don’t think I could sleep later than 5:30 if I tried. Truth is, I hate riding in the dark. Problem is, I also hate trying to do training rides in Continue reading

Starting Back

It’s been hard getting back into the 5:20 am wake-up routine. Back when I was a swimmer there were those times when you had to start a workout in particularly cold water. I remember one season when we were trying to get extra pool time leading up to the state championships and were doing extra workouts in an unheated outdoor pool, in the middle of the winter. Even though it felt like your head would explode when you hit the freezing water, it was still the on Continue reading

Restless at Rouge-Roubaix

Splitting off from the Giro before things got fast. According to my loosely formulated recovery plan I dutifully headed out to Starbucks on Saturday morning to meet the Giro Ride for the first time in five weeks. The clavicle has, I assume, been healing at a reasonably normal rate and for the most part has not been painful while on the bike. I can’t say the same for removing T-shirts or lifting the front wheel over bumps, or taking out the garbage, but whatever, it’s about where I would expect Continue reading


When I woke up this morning I unstrapped myself from the x-brace and headed out for my first ride without it since the collarbone broke. For the record, it’s been 4 weeks and 2 days. It was quite a relief to be riding without it, although I needed to be really careful along Carrollton where the bike path is covered with leaves, and up on the levee whenever I’d pass a pedestrian, most of whom were walking dogs, sometimes unle Continue reading