Winter Training Rides

Yeah, the fog was pretty thick on Saturday. The unexpected recurrence of unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having down here lately has been kind of a mixed bag. While I would never go so far as to complain about sustained January temperatures in the upper 50s through the mid-70s, it hasn’t been without some issues, the primary one being fog. On a morning with the temperature in the upper 50s, I might normally venture out wearing little more than summer kit for a long weekend training ride, b Continue reading

Southern Winds

Yeah!  Warmer weather for a while. With our weekend of freezing weather in the rear-view mirror, I woke up this morning to a relatively mild 55 degrees, rising to 61? a couple of hours later when I got back home.  It’s 72 ? right now and looking like we won’t see anything lower than 59 for the next ten days, which is also about when we’ll see the winds swing around to the north. The next few days are going to feature warm Continue reading

As Cold As Advertised

Cold and Clear Sunday Morning Ride It was the coldest weekend so far this year down here on the delta. Even south of the relatively warm lake Pontchartrain waters we dipped down to 28 or so, and spent a lot of time around 32. Friday evening I sent out an email confirming that I’d be riding the Giro since I figured a lot of people were probably on the fence about it. All I got back was one response from a rider wondering if I was serious or not. So Saturday morning I pulled some long tights ove Continue reading

Weekend Winter Weather

Heading back along the Kenner lakefront bike path on Thursday it was windy but otherwise pretty nice. Things started going downhill yesterday.  I had made it out to the WeMoRi on Wednesday, which was fine – temperature in the low 50s.  We had a nice brisk training ride without much of the fog we’d had the day before. Thursday morning’s weather was similar, maybe even a degree or two warmer.  I’d gone out a little over-dressed like I often do this time of year. It was so freaking dark, though Continue reading